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Coconut Oil

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Nov 29, 2013 02:30    Quote
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the active ingredient in coconut oil that is supposed to have the anti-viral effect is called lauric acid.

you can just eat coconut oil (which is roughly 40-60% lauric acid) to increase serum levels of the fatty acid, or you can get a supplement in a pill-like form called 'lauricidin'.

you can google lauricidin, or lauric acid in general for more info.


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Dec 28, 2013 00:47    Quote
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Hmmm, interesting reviews on this. Very promising.  Lauricidin (www.lauricidin.com) seems to be a brand name and they sell it in a micro pellet form.  8 oz (227 grams) is rather expensive at $29.95 USD.  Their recommended dosage is as such:  initially 750mg (1/4 scoop) x 2 or 3 times a day (1500 to 2250mg total/day).  increase to 1500mg (1/2 scoop) x 2 or 3 times a day (3000 to 4500mg total/day), then a "maintenance" of 3000mg (full scoop) x 2 or 3 times daily (6000 to 9000mg).  If you just did the maintenance amount only 2 times a day then an 8 oz jar would last approx 37 days.  At 3 times a day a jar is only 25 day supply.  A 3000 mg dose is about a $.40 per scoop.    So I look for possible alternatives.  At www.vitacost.com I find Health from the Sun Veggie Monolaurin.  These are 550mg pills.  Their recommended dosage is 1100 mg (2 pills) per day.  So if I take 3 pills each time that about $.31 per dose.  A bit cheaper but then one bottle will only get me thru 15 days at 6 pills a day, 11 days at 8 pills.  So if I take a maintenance dose of 6g per day over 1 year...  Approx $300.00 per year with Lauricidin,  $240.per year with Health from the Sun.  I'm willing to experiment with this for a few months.  Seems to be a supplement that doesn't appear to be toxic to people.  Amazon is overpriced on the Lauricidin so I wouldn't bother there.  Do your own search as well and see what you find.  Let me google that for you: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=lauric+acid


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Dec 28, 2013 01:38    Quote
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And I will note this site:  http://www.naturalnews.com/026819_lauric_acid_coconut_oil.html The article states that people would benefit from 10-20 GRAMS of lauric acid a day.  And that the body will convert a portion of the lauric acid into Monolaurin.  I am curious, Notyourgirl, as to how much coconut oil are you consuming?  And is it extra virgin? If so it will be a nice coconutty flavor for sure.  Reading more on this, a tablespoon of coconut oil has about 7 grams of lauric acid and is about 120 calories and 13+ grams of fat.  And I know that a can of CocaCola is about 130-140 calories.  Well, added calories and good fat to increase the good cholesterol.   So it appears that the brands that tote Monolaurin are giving you the converted lauric acid without the calorie and fat content in just oil.  Here is a competitor's site that is a bit cheaper than Lauricidin:  http://www.inspirednutrition.com they offer a 21 oz. jar of the stuff.  That is about $.25 per 3000mg dose.  (Their 7oz jar is about $.36/3000mg)  At two doses per day the 21 oz is about 100 day supply; at 3 doses per day about 66 day supply.  And no, I am not a rep for either one.  I am a friggin' engineer that hates this crap I got.  I too want it controlled.  So hope that people might chime in on this thread with their experiences with this stuff.

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