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Are we just going to sit and wait??

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Dec 13, 2008 12:12    Quote
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Hello everyone, I have 2 years with the virus and it has been horrible experience. I know dealing with the virus is tough in so manyways and in my case wishing for a cure to appear soon. I do research everyday, news about any cures or vaccines. There are rumors of a cure but they are only rummor, however i encounter this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71FWd42iKYw (if it doesnt work go to youtube and type herpes cure and clik con The cure) This video made realize that many of these future cures lack of money and because of that research can not proceed ahead. I think we should reach or perhaps create a association where WE can help these types of researchs, I mean i know its a lot of money and not a few of us can make a difference.  But if thousands of us can get together. I think we can make this work. In my opinion we cant just sit and wait for a cure, we have to do something. Have a great day

What is ur opinion?


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Dec 15, 2008 00:51    Quote
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Great Idea! I'm in! Why sit and wait? 29 years is a long time and I would love to be done with it. My "h" was a result of my ex's infidelity and has been a burden for way too long.

I separated in 05 and divorced in 07 and have often wondered if one of the reasons I stayed in the relationship so long was due to "the gift" she brought home. To make a long story short, I know what it has done to me and passing it on is something I would find very difficult to live with. Though there have been many offers and advances by the opposite sex since my separation, I am alone by choice. I have told those that want more, about "it" (I find kissing uncomfortable and shy from it) and have remained friends so I am not lonely. I enjoy the company of women so I discuss my condition early so as not to lead her on, build expectations or create resentment for not responding. Yes, the telling part of it does get easier.

I feel as if the luxury, excitement and mystery of attraction was taken from me. What would it be like? Is she the one? A million questions that have limited answers. 

Its difficult to discuss this topic without sounding bitter. But that is not the case. I am not bitter. My life is wonderful and I am having a great time. I have a fantastic family and amazing friends. Am I looking for someone to share my life with? I don't know. I am finding it difficult to get past feeling contaminated. If that was gone, what would my life be like? Hmmmm, I wonder. I would like to know so yes, I'm in. How can I help? 



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Dec 16, 2008 16:27    Quote
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I'm all for action, but what can we do really? Write the pharm co's? Write our congressman LOL  Like any of that would really work. :(


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Dec 17, 2008 20:47    Quote
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Real, tangible progress on Herpes cures lack funding!


Thanks to member cometome1985 for finding this...




The YouTube vid references these:


David Knipe Ph.D.

Higgins Professor of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics
Chair, Harvard Virology Program



University of Florida



(we're awaiting their reply with a proper link)




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Jan 08, 2009 21:33    Quote
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Not to seem negative,  you have to think about statistics.  Our societies priorities are based on statistics and majorities, in these cases, we'd most likely be talking about death ratios.

With HSV being (for the most part) none life threating, its really more of a emotional, mental and social inconvenience.  With many other deseaes killing thousands or millions globably annually, there isn't much pressure on establisments to devote time and money to research and developement.

A massive movement would need to take place to necessitate change, unfortunatly we are a miniority, with many 'big fish' to contend with. But how can you start an establishment, when so many people (including myself) or for lack of a better word, embarrased.  something like what...10% of people have pics on here?

And how to you spread the word, across two countries, to millions and millions of people....  Just my thinking..


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Jan 11, 2009 23:05    Quote
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I understand what are you saying.... there are other diseases that are far more dangerous, however it doesnt mean we should forget about herpes. There are about 50 millions of american with this disease, so is not really just us here... we can start by sending emails to site like this.. dont be so negative...


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Dec 15, 2009 17:13    Quote
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if there is hope out there for the nearly 30% of north americans, it should be funded. i have only had this for 2 months and im on my 3rd outbreak. its hard not to be stressed when i was stressed before i contracted the virus. i honestly thought about suicide, seeing as how i was depressed for 9 years before any of this bull shit happened, but if there is a cure out there, it needs to be found.


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Jan 03, 2010 14:22    Quote
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We need to be patient guys.... I know its stressful. But there is at least a vaccine that will help everyone, it will not cure it but it will stop the outbrakes... I also know of a powerful medicine THAT COULD STOP OUTBREAKS OR MAKE THEM VERY MILD. PLease write me for more information. THERE IS HOPE GUYS JUST WAIT.


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Apr 10, 2011 04:51    Quote
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Hi, new to the group and recent infectee.


I feel that if we find a cure for herpes, that will kick down the door to finding cures for the life-threatening ones (i.e. AIDS, HIV, HPV, etc.). It's like learning to walk before learning to run.


If this virus has a hold of 90% of the population in one capacity or another, it should behoove the medical community to get off their collective duffs and find a cure. Are we living in the Dark Ages? Or is someone in the background trying to keep the disease as a fear-mongering tool to regulate people's behavior?


The disease may not be life-threatening, but it could be psychologically devastating enough to move someone to want to die (not speaking for myself). At the very least, it can make someone feel like they can't win no matter what (DEFINITELY speaking for myself on that one).


I know she's fictional, but where's Dr. Beverly Crusher when we need her?! lol!

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