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Any other treatments?

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Apr 24, 2015 12:50    Quote
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What do you do if the doctor does not recommend pills..   He say that there are too many side effects that can damage the kidneys, and since I have a family history of that, not myself yet, he does not think the pills are a good thing for me.   Ant other way to treat this stuff?


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May 15, 2015 17:44    Quote
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Hey.  Eliminate any stress.....physical, mental, or emotional.  High end nutrition.......that means a complete life style change which will strengthen your immune system which would help with any health issues.  Get rid of any emotional garbage you are carrying around and positive thinking helps too.

Dec 08, 2016 01:53    Quote
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Hi, if doctors says to not use pills I use sometimes coconut oil and garlic. It keeps outbreaks down but not for long. Don't stress a lot. You can read about this illness here https://illnessee.com/ and you find out some useful info

Dec 11, 2016 19:39    Quote
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Hello Frank,

Now is this pills of any kind?! Lysine is a supplement and its good for healing and keeping outbreaks from recurring. Hope this helps. Smile

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