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Hi!  This site may be free, not sure why more are not on it.  I'm in Sk Canada if anyone wants to chat.
27 Days Ago
Well I ain't awesome, but the dogs are. Me, just kickin around San Francisco and the California back country when I am not tr
61 Days Ago
Hi - just wondering if there's really anyone on this site. U there?
66 Days Ago
also new.nothing seems to be happening here
117 Days Ago
I just joined as well....u there?
117 Days Ago
i am new to this site and herpes. Is this site dead? I thought I had found hope when I found it but now I'm just even more de
120 Days Ago
So I have heard a bunch of different things and my brain is racked, I heard you can only t
185 Days Ago
Hi I'm new here . I'm starting to get depressed:( Hi Sadgirl. you can msg
185 Days Ago
We are here for you. Message me if you want to talk. Hi I'm new here . I'
193 Days Ago
Oh so lovely, right? This site seems pretty lifeless... Anyone want to spice
193 Days Ago
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